GardenMaxX Outdoor Fireplaces & Garden Decorations

GardenMaxX is an originated Dutch Design Company and is a world leader in designing and manufacturing outdoor fireplaces and garden decorations for modern lifestyles.
Since it’s founding in 1999, GardenMaxX has introduced many new designs and styles for outdoor fireplaces, chimineas, firepits, garden furniture, garden decorations, planters, waterfountains, and mailboxes.

Our designs are stylish, functional, contemporary, and of superb quality. Value, price, quality, and design are all important factors to consider, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every one of these areas. Traveling frequently around the world brings us a wealth of new ideas, allowing us each year to launch new unique products with passion and vision.

We export our GardenMaxX products to many countries all over the world and our products belong to the best in the industry. We are always looking for more dealers world wide and if you are interested kindly request you to contact us for more information via